When life gives you tunnels

Sometimes you have to go thru tunnels.. Long ones..

As you enter one, initially you cant see the light at the other end..

So as your feet move forward, time and again you want to turn around and follow the light coming from the end you entered from…

It might take some time and a good number of footsteps for you to see the light coming from the other end as well..

When you would be midway, you might not be able to see either of the two ends..

That’s the scariest point… That’s when just you have to keep moving..

Tunnels are dark and gloomy so call it a miracle if you find someone as you walk thru it.. Mostly you’ll have to walk alone…

But the concept of a tunnel is this.. There’s GOT to be light coming from the other end… That will be visible only after a while..And when you feel you’re closer to the other end.. You might not as well want to see the source of light behind you..

Even if you turn around and try to look for it, you wont find it cuz you would have left it far far behind..

The view on the other side of the tunnel would be enchanting..and you would be among the first ones to grab that feeling.. Cuz not many people go thru the tunnel..


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