Treading down a sylvan path one day,

Innocent face, happiness made my face gleam.


I heard a scream,

Of a girl, would you help me please?


Of course I would, guide me to your restraint!

And so she did, I reached that place

A quagmire! I exclaimed!

I couldn’t un-do what was done,

A woman of commitment was I made.


I found a rope and hurled towards her.

It’s not so easy, to set me free.

Not so easy,

There’s a deal (suffocation made her wheezy).

The trade goes this way,

For every gram of happiness you lose,

By an inch, I elevate.


About my decisions, I divulged my rues

But of no use!

A woman of word was I made.

She was bad at math,

Or so it seemed;

Even when I’d given her all of my happiness,

Out of the mire, she barely crept.


But I had come to a point

When I couldn’t pursue my journey further

(No happiness, no journey)

And so I rolled a joint,

I plunged into the swamp with her

We smoked and we drowned together.


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