This heart wrenching photograph made me write a poem to pay tribute to this little ‪#‎Syrian‬ refugee kid, Aylan Kurdi who died in a way no living being deserves. I am not a professional writer, but this has come straight from the heart.

For reference, Aegeis is the name of the sea in which the two kids, Aylan and Ghaleb drowned.


Daddy, I remember when you and Mommy got me these shoes,
I’d loved them so much! You can’t ever know.
Can you recall how when I put them on,
I toddled and fell learning to walk, all day long?

Why are they wet Daddy?

Uncle Aegean is malevolent; I shan’t ever trust him again,
A broken promise of a safe land in a better world,
Wounding innocence, a smile he feigned
Among the devilish waves, a little boy was hurled.

He started pulling me away from you,
Pinning me down with all his might
I coughed my lungs out of my ribs
But daddy, I swear I did fight.

I swear I did fight
Like Ghaleb had always taught me
I swung my small arms and kicked my weak legs
But that just made me more distraught.

I gently slipped into the depths
With my breathing getting still
I missed you too much, daddy
Too much to have wept.

I’d never wanted as bad, to fall asleep
And I thought to myself, why didn’t I swim?
Maybe cause the sea was too bleak?
Or the water too cold?
Or wait! Maybe cuz I didn’t grow up enough to learn how to,
For I was just three years old.

Daddy, Uncle cradled me well once I’d slept;
Just like Mommy used to do at home
Off to the shore I was swept
And off on the shore my tiny body was thrown.

I suddenly felt like I was home
Failed after trying hard to open my eyes
A whisper of Sand in my ear
telling me about my demise,
“I’ve called for the angels to get you, my dear.”

I hugged her tight as she reminded me of Mommy
Told her I didn’t want to go
“Don’t worry, it’ll be all good, my child
God sees everything, you know?”

Soon the angels arrived, putting on me white little wings
I treaded on my path to the heavenly abode above
My little heart content at this one fact
That God sees everything.

Daddy, I have reached here safe and sound
My head also hurts no more
But I feel tricked, daddy! Hopelessness surrounds
It’s all an illusion from up here and this sight,
I abhor.

No traces of Red, it’s all Blue, Green or Brown
God sure can’t see everything from up here
He can only see Uncle Aegean Daddy,
Not the little Aylan who drowned..

Rest in peace Aylan,
Rest in peace while the World mourns.